We address four critical factors in our ACT Seminars.

            Integrative, Non-Standard and Affordable Education

Our approach is to reduce the cost per student while increasing the number of students in each tutoring class up to 35 while maintaining the one-on-one, personal student-tailored academic attention.

            Time per Knowledge Instead of Time per Question

Students are trained to budget and use their time according to their existing knowledge rather than limit their knowledge to the given time. We measure the students’ time per type of question in the test rather than time per test. This approach identifies students’ strength and weaknesses in terms of both time and knowledge, thus allowing them to address each accordingly.

            Team Work

Students are instructed to team up in groups of two to take advantage of each other’s academic knowledge. We team up students based on the initial assessment test. For example, student A who scored high in math but low in English is teamed up with student B who scored low in math, but high in English.

            Award-Based Education

We reach out to our local businesses such as Fedex, International Papers, etc, and ask them to sponsor cash awards for the class. This is a merit-based award; all students are awarded for the increase in the class’ average based on the final assessment test.