Welcome to our ACT Seminar! This page is designed for you the guidance counselor to get a preview of how we address students’ time and knowledge management during the ACT. It reflects the core of our approach. We are able to raise students’ ACT scores by measuring time per knowledge instead of time per test.

Memphis ACT Tutors Seminars administer two mandatory ACT tests. Both tests are full length. The first test is the Initial Assessment Test and is administered on the first test of the Seminar. The Final Assessment Test is administered on the last day of the Seminar. Both tests measure time per question – hence time per knowledge rather than traditional time per test. This method allows us to identify every student’s strength and weakness in minute details. Thus, students know with great confidence what areas to focus on during the official ACT test. The method allows students to recognize the type of each question they answer.

All questions of the ACT fall in one of the three or more ‘Reporting Categories’ of the test. For example, questions in the Math section may fall under Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry or Numbers. Knowing the type of question (i.e., the Reporting Category), the average time they spent during their practice on the respective Reporting Category, and a number of other factors allow students to maximize their use of time and knowledge during the test.

We achieve this by using a metric of students’ test and providing them with four main tables in our reports that reflect their gaps and strengths. We train our students to understand these tables. Their understanding of the tables allows students to increase their ACT scores by several points. In essence, the method makes better use of their time and knowledge.

Here are examples of the four tables.