Cancellation PolicIES



At Memphis ACT Tutors, we strive to teach and prepare our students for the academic road ahead of them. We also work very hard to make ‘academics make sense’ and to make sure that our students understand mathematics, science, and the ACT test, not simply pass the test.


To better achieve these goals, we ask our students and their parents to help us by observing a few simple guidelines.


1.                  Punctuality. The student is expected to be on time for all sessions. This means the                            student should arrive earlier than planned and be ready to work at the planned time.                          After all, it’s the student’s time that matters.

2.                  Readiness. The student is expected to be ready for each and every session, as well as                          engaged and alert.

3.                  The student is expected to follow through with all subsequent homework needed for                          his or her academic progress.

4.                  Neatness and organization. The student is expected to learn and follow the                                      organizational skills we teach. Incidentally, it is the lack of organization that hurts most                      students.

5.                  The student is expected to keep up with all of his academic material (books, pencils,                           etc).

6.                  All sessions are in two hour increments with a short break in between.

7.                  All cancellations under a 24-hour notice will be charged regular fees.

8.                  All balances are due in advance of all sessions, due in cash.