About Our ACT Workshops

We are proud to offer free ACT Workshops for students in our community for a limited time. Our ACT Workshops are designed to address many factors associated with students’ success in the ACT. Students who attend our Workshops generally increase their ACT Scores by five points.

What                           Student assessments before and after the Workshop, to determine each student’s academic status and areas of improvement


Critical Thinking

Question-By-Question Assessment

…And Many More.

Where                         All ACT Workshops are held at different locations. Please ask us.

When                          Students and parents will be informed of the date and time upon Registration.

How                            All Students must register by email at memphisacttutors@gmail.com.

Who                            The Workshops are ideally suited for high school juniors and seniors.

How Long                   Each ACT Workshop is three hours long with a short break at the end of each hour.

Class Size                    To better serve our students, we limit our Workshop to a maximum of 22 students.

Cost                            Our ACT Workshops are free of charge.

NOTE: We have partnered with American Educational Services to provide students with assessments before and after each Workshop. AES provides two full ACT Assessment Tests before and after the Workshop. The Tests are a comprehensive ACT Tool designed to help each student with time-management, test-taking skills, critical thinking under test stress and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student. The fee for the Assessment Tests is $ 37.00 per Test, and students must pay both Tests at registration. We provide the registration as a courtesy to our students and partners.

Requirements            Students are required to bring a spiral notebook, two traditional pencils, a TI-84 Calculator and their IDs at the time of

the Workshop.

The Workshops are designed to enhance students’ ability to take the ACT. Each student is required to take both Assessment Tests to attend the Workshop. The First Assessment Test is to be completed and emailed to us at memphisacttutors@gmail.com for grading no later than five days before the Workshop. Each student is also required to take the second Assessment Test no later than seven days after the Workshop.


Results                        Students who attend our ACT Workshops generally increase their scores by an average of five points.


Ask us about the Workshops by emailing us at memphisacttutors@gmail.com.